Mobile Bar Hire in Southampton

We have delivered all types of mobile bar hire in Southampton, from mobile wedding bar services to bars for birthday parties.

If you are looking for mobile bar hire services, a cocktail bar service, or just the dry hire of mobile bar equipment then contact us today.

Our bars

Our mobile bar units are the best in the business.

We use a modular mobile bar system that is designed and manufactured in the UK to incredibly high standards. The beauty of these mobile bars is that they can be built on site into any size and shape, which enables us to cater any size of event in any location.

Our mobile bars come with ice insulated ice wells, sinks and perforated shelving which can be optimised in layout to suit individual events. These bars store all event stock, glassware, and bins so that the bar area looks clean, tidy, and amazing.

Not only are our mobile bars very functional, they can be fully customised to your event theme. We have an array of bespoke options from branding bar cladding, to customised staff uniforms to choose from.

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Why book a mobile bar service

To have a professional mobile bar hire company taking care of bar and drinks services at an event is often vital to the smooth running and overall guest experience.

It is incredibly important to ensure that the mobile bar company you use is established and professional, as running out of glassware and ice, or not having enough bartenders behind the bar, can quickly turn an exceptional event into a disaster. Tom’s Bars have been delivering mobile bar services since 2014 and have that proven track record, here is how our mobile bar service can add to your event.

A beautiful focal point

Our mobile bars can be fully customised to tie in with the theme of your event, there are countless options available from mirror bars to real live botanical bars. A mobile bar tends to be a real feature and focal point at any event.

Delivers on Atmosphere

There is always a fantastic atmosphere at a bar, guests enjoy watching cocktail bartenders hard at work, and our bartenders love entertaining their guests. The crackle from a shaker tin, and the buzz of service creates a unique atmosphere that can only be found at a bar.

Brings people together

Events bring people together that may have not met before, bars break that ice and get people engaging and talking.

Delicious Drinks

The most important aspect of any mobile bar are the drinks that the bar team produce. At Tom’s Bars we work with our clients to create perfect bar and cocktail menus, bespoke to individual events. We can design bespoke one-off cocktails for events and use our supplier partners to source even the most unique products.